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Having a will is the only way to be sure that your estate is dealt with exactly as you wish when you die. It is not as simple as your entire estate automatically passing to your spouse. If you do not have a will, the law of the country you live in will decide what happens to your estate. The outcome
Can be influenced by laws of other countries where you may have assets, or have lived in the past. This can take a long time to resolve.

Key topics that influence the law’s decision on where your estate is passed without a will are:

1. The value of your estate
2. Whether you have children
3. If you are currently married.

A will also ensures that children or dependents are looked after in accordance with your wishes

We will advise you whether that specialist is part of Positive Solutions or not (e.g. will writing services are not provided by Positive Solutions. Advice on taxation, wills and trusts are not regulated by the FCA